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About us
ŠVIESA Publishers started in 1945 as a publishing house of educational literature and until now has not changed its course – company publishes textbooks and literature for general education schools in Lithuania.
ŠVIESA employs more than 150 high qualified professionals, editors from the departments of Lithuanian language and literature, Foreign languages, Nature science and History that makes the core of the company. Having rich publishing experience ŠVIESA Publishers cooperate with more than 400 authors - academicians, professors, assistant professors and teachers.
ŠVIESA publishes more than 400 titles each year with an overall print run of 3 million copies.
The most significant part of the production of ŠVIESA Publishers is textbooks. More than 50 titles are new textbooks published every year. Most of them are Lithuanian language and literature, foreign languages, mathematics, physics, chemistry, history, geography and other subjects. Small part of textbooks is published for minority languages schools. More than 50 titles were published for the specific need education schools. Mass of textbooks is original creation of Lithuanian authors.
Besides textbooks, we publish a lot of workbooks (170 (~60 new) titles a year) and other kinds of instructional literature: dictionaries, reference books, tests, readers, grammars, etc. In 2003 we started course “Preparing for the exams on my own”.
One of the new projects is e-publishing that started with some electronic dictionaries and interactive games to the published textbooks.
Much attention is paid to the publications of pre-school education. Seeking to make easier the work of the teachers we publish not only teacher’s books but also literature for teachers on general pedagogy, psychology and education as well. We also publish a lot of pedagogical literature for parents.
Since 2001 an informational publication “ŠVIESA” has been published once a quarter. Schools of general education in Lithuania get it free of charge. There are presented new and future publications, the opinions of the teachers, letters and information of the off sales, marketing and logistics are given.
ŠVIESA Publishers have contacts with 30 other publishers in various parts of the world. Numerous publications are translated into Lithuanian from English, German, Italian, Czech, Polish and other languages.
Every year we take part in international book fairs held in Frankfurt, London, Bologna, Warsaw, other countries, and also major cities of the three Baltic republics.
ŠVIESA Publishers is a member of Lithuanian Publishers Association.
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